Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I book an initial cleaning with Green Clean?
A: Because we believe in arriving 100% prepared, an onsite estimate is required before booking your actual cleaning. Just contact us either by telephone or by e-mail to arrange a convenient time for your free onsite estimate. Please keep in mind that, although we are usually able to do an estimate within just a day or two, it usually takes longer to schedule your cleaning.
Q: How much time should I allow before my anticipated initial cleaning date in order to reserve a cleaning appointment?
A: Initial cleanings usually require scheduling two or more cleaners, so we suggest allowing at least one to one and a half weeks before your desired cleaning date when calling for an appointment. This gives us sufficient time both to do an estimate and also to fit you into our schedule.
Q: How much should I expect to pay for an Initial Cleaning?
A: The total cost of an initial cleaning depends upon the size of your space and certain other factors. The hourly rate is $37.50/hour per cleaner plus tax (usually two cleaners work together), with a four hour minimum. Once we do your estimate, we can give you a definite idea of the cost for your particular space.
Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: We require that a valid credit card be on file at the time we schedule your initial cleaning. However, you may pay using whatever method is most convenient for you — cash, personal or business check, or a credit card.
Q: What if I need to re-schedule or cancel an Initial Cleaning?
A: Please notify us of any changes at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled cleaning date/time. A fee of 30% of your estimated initial cleaning cost will be assessed for cancellation with less than 48 hours notice.
Q: What if your staff finishes my initial cleaning in less time than was quoted in the original estimate?
A: You only pay for actual time that we spend cleaning. If we finish earlier than expected, you would pay only for the hours actually worked.
Q: You state that two (or more) cleaners usually perform an initial cleaning . . . what about regular maintenance cleaning afterwards?
A: Normally, one of the cleaners who was a member of the initial cleaning team is assigned to do your regular cleaning, because they are already familiar with your space. However, for cleaning times of six hours or longer, we reserve the right to send two cleaners. You might also request two cleaners for cleaning times of 8 hours or more, so that they are finished and "out of your hair" in less time.
Q: Do you send the same cleaner for each cleaning?
A: Yes, we make every effort to send the same cleaner each time, because as they grow more familiar with your space, they become more efficient and are able to get more things done. However, we reserve the right to assign a different cleaner at any time in order to resolve long-term scheduling issues. Should your regular cleaner get sick or need a day to take care of personal business, we always give you the option either to keep your regular appointment (with a different cleaner) or to re-schedule your cleaning with your regular cleaner.
Q: What if I need to cancel or re-schedule a Regular Cleaning?
A: Please notify us of any changes at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled cleaning date/time in order to avoid a cancellation fee. Click on the “policies” tab for details.
Q: What if my cleaner is late or Green Clean needs to cancel or re-schedule a cleaning at the last minute?
A: If your cleaner is more than 20 minutes late, you will receive a credit for one half hour of cleaning. If we fail to give you at least 24 hours advance notice of a schedule change or cancellation, then you will receive a credit for one full hour of cleaning. Click on the “policies” tab for details.
Q: Is Green Clean insured?
A: We are extremely careful when cleaning to avoid damage to your belongings. However, we have commercial liability insurance in case we should accidentally damage something while we are cleaning your home or office. In the unlikely event that breakage or damage does occur, we will make every effort to repair or replace the item. If it cannot be repaired or replaced, we will either reimburse you for the item or file an insurance claim when necessary. We also maintain bonding and Workers' Compensation insurance for all employees.
Q: What cleaning supplies / tools do I need to have on hand?
A: You’ll need a bucket or pail (10 qt. minimum), a wet mop (we prefer either a mop with a replaceable microfiber pad or a small looped-end string mop — no sponge mops, please!), a soft-bristle synthetic fiber broom, a dust pan and brush, and a toilet bowl brush. Although a vacuum is optional, we suggest the purchase of a good quality canister-style HEPA vacuum, even if you don’t have any carpeting in your space, because it enables us to control dust more effectively. If you’re considering the purchase of a HEPA vacuum, we’d be glad to recommend vacuums suitable for your particular space.
Q: What cleaning supplies / tools are supplied by Green Clean?
A: Each time we clean, we bring our own non-toxic, natural cleaning supplies. (Click on the "products" tab to learn more about the products we use.) We also bring synthetic microfiber cleaning cloths, special micro-pore sponge cloths, and non-abrasive synthetic fiber scrub pads, all of which are replaced as needed.
Q: What about laundry service and ironing?
A: We're pleased to provide additional value for our clients by offering laundry service during a regular cleaning at no extra charge, if the machines are within your building. (Please click on the "policies" tab for a more detailed explanation of our policy regarding laundry service.) Not everyone on our staff has the skill and/or the patience to do ironing, so if you think you're going to need regular ironing, please let us know ahead of time. That way, we can assign the right cleaner to your home. Because ironing requires special skill and care, additional time will be required, which will be billed at your regular hourly rate.
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