Green Clean specializes in meticulous, detailed cleaning of small to medium offices for a discerning roster of clients. We have extensive experience in safely cleaning around sensitive documents such as those found in legal, medical, architecture, and graphic design firms, as well as around the delicate equipment often present in photography, recording, television, and film studios.

We do much more than just the spot vacuuming, light dusting and emptying of trash that's typical of most office cleaning services. When we clean your office, items and papers on desks are moved (unless you instruct us not to move anything), the desk is damp wiped, and the items are put back in their original place. We vacuum 100% of your space and pay particular attention to corners, the spaces behind open doors, and the spaces beneath desks and work tables. Cables and electrical cords are carefully lifted out of the way during cleaning, so that dust does not accumulate over time. We sweat the small stuff!

Green Clean provides routine maintenance cleaning using only non-toxic cleaning products and methods. We can also provide periodic rug and carpet cleaning service using our powerful high-pressure hot water extraction machine and non-toxic, natural cleaning solutions.

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