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I just want to hire someone else to clean my house...

And for those of you that are ultra-busy (or ultra-lazy, shhhh I won’t tell) green housekeeping is the newest trend in saving the earth. These companies pride themselves in using all-natural, nontoxic cleaning supplies, and you can find one in your area by checking your local listings.

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So whether you do it yourself or not, the bottom line is that green cleaning products are better for you and the earth....Check out next week's post where Sandra tells us some all-natural cleaning methods using ingredients in your own house.... - article: "Americans Embracing Green Cleaning" - January 2006 •

When Malcolm Berman was making a living cleaning homes in New York City, he came home every day with rashes on his hands - the combined effect of chemical cleaners and wearing rubber gloves. Berman felt so unhealthy after work that he started to think one of his clients was on to something.

"She insisted that we only use products she had on hand, which were nontoxic," Berman recalled. "I felt fine after cleaning her home. She became the inspiration for my business."

That was 12 years ago. These days Berman's company, Green Clean, is a thriving business that caters to people who prefer their homes scoured by all-natural cleaners . . .

For some people, there is no question that using all-natural cleaners is worth a premium. One of Berman's customers, Constance P., a New York resident and mother of two sons, said at first she hired green cleaners because they were convenient and reliable. Since then, one of her sons has been diagnosed with autism, and now she says she can never revert to using a regular cleaning service.
"It is extremely important to me to limit the chemicals in my house, because my son tends to be more sensitive to chemicals," she said. "It's not even a problem to be in the house when they're cleaning because there are no toxic fumes or anything like that." . . . - article: "Spring Cleaning" - April 2004 •

Green Clean

Odds are, before baby came along, your apartment was eligible for the EPA Watch List based on the number of chemicals wafting about every time you gave it a thorough cleaning. Poison-packing exterminators? No problem. The scent of Clorox? As intoxicating, in its way, as night-blooming jasmine. Now, with your little one licking the floor as though it were one big linoleum popsicle, you may be thinking twice about dousing everything in Fantastik and Mop & Glo.

Enter New York City's Green Clean, an eco-friendly home cleaning service that uses only safe, nontoxic, natural products. Founded by Malcolm Berman -- who has over ten years experience in the field -- the company never uses ammonia, chlorine bleach, or petroleum-based products, all of which can be irritating to your skin, eyes and lungs, especially if you're a baby.

Berman is a believer in the "less is more" approach to just about everything except service, and feels that, although many new parents are obsessed with cleanliness and the removal of germs in their baby's environment, it is not necessary to clean using "killer" disinfectants, since their use only serves to create more resistant strains of bacteria. Instead, Green Clean uses all natural formulas containing, among other things, borax, natural pine cleaners, and Australian tea tree oil, which do not leave toxic residues or lingering odors.

Green Clean will first do an on-site estimate to discuss priorities and concerns. After the initial environmentally correct cleaning, other services available include ongoing maintenance, office, move-in/move-out, post renovation, and special allergy cleaning, HEPA vacuuming and oven cleaning. Green Clean will also be coming out with a line of nontoxic cleaning products at the end of May. For rates and further information . . . call 1-888-808-7755.

New York Magazine - article: "Detox Your Life" - January 1999 •


If the powerful (chemical) agents you've been using for cleaning are beginning to worry you -- something (could it be the Soft Scrub residue in your tub?) is giving you headaches or a rash -- maybe it's time for some new allies. Such as Green Clean.

Malcolm Berman and his team bring their own nontoxic cleansers derived from natural plant or mineral sources to every job (read: no chlorine, petroleum, phenols, or ammonia), and prefer elbow grease to product overload. "It's just more pleasant," claims Berman. "There aren't the harsh smells. It brings a certain sense of well-being in your home that you can't quite put your finger on, but people have expressed it to me."

Green Clean does it all: windows, floors, appliances, and laundry (providing your building has facilities). It also offers a special service for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities and will tailor the job to your needs (like using high-efficiency-particulate-arresting, or HEPA, vacuums to tackle pet hair, or, say, avoiding citronella-based products). . . . Office cleaning also available.

Time Out New York - article: "This Property Is Condemned" - January 1998 •

Green Clean

Malcolm Berman, the founder of Green Clean, describes his service as "environmentally correct cleaning," and it really is in a class of its own. Green Clean uses only supplies that are all-natural and free of chemicals, toxins, ammonia, and petroleum. Consequently, Berman attracts many clients who have -- or whose pets (no joke) have -- allergies.

A former photographer, he approaches each job as he would a photo shoot, visiting your apartment to "get to know" it before assigning a cleaner . . . my "green-cleaning" experience was unbeatable: These cleaners scrubbed with such incredible attention to detail that the apartment sparkled like Donna Reed's."
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